Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Kitty Bubble Bath ~ Do Not Try This At Home

This is my blue Abyssinian, True. His registered name is True Religion, named from a song that my father and I both loved when I was little. One day I was running a bath for myself. I turned away to floss and brush and suddenly just had that feeling that 'moms' get... I turned around to find True in the tub, water running (hot only!). I could not believe it but I actually had a camera in the bathroom! I took a few shots. He was in for at least five minutes, wading, pawing at the water (which I finally turned off). I finally plucked him out and wrung out his legs and set and towel down for him to sit on to finish drying himself. I have to close the bathroom door now unless I want company. He loooves to be warm and so after I am done I open the door and he jumps into my towel which I hold open for him. I snuggle him and he closes his eyes and purrs contentedly.

Abyssinian cats are known for their wonderful purrsonalities. They are highly intelligent, affectionate, and active. They love to be up high and my tall cat tree is very well used. They come in four colors: Ruddy, Red, Blue and Fawn. I will share more photos in coming posts. Many Abys are great fetchers, too. Before I got Ruby I had not had a dog in 18 years! My wonderful Abyssinian cats filled the need nicely as they are very dog-like and did NOT need to go potty outside in a blizzard.

There are always Abyssinians available for rescue (unfortunately) at National Abyssinian Rescue, http://www.abyssinian-rescue.com/